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Gantry 2.0 Features

Below is a list of the top features of Gantry 2.0:

1RTL Support: automatically flip the entire modular structure of Gantry when RTL languages are detected.

2Custom Presets: an intuitive and simple user interface for creating and saving your own custom presets.

3Menu Item Control: set the template options on a per menu item basis, such as the layout controls.

4Gantry GZipper: RokGZipper functionality built straight into the Gantry core for its CSS/JS items.

Gantry Blog Docs

We advise reading the blog entries below to gain a greater understanding of Gantry. They go into much greater detail than the overview on this page.

Gantry RTL Preview

Below is a preview of the demo frontpage in RTL mode, please click on the image for a larger preview via RokBox:

RTL Preview